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Join Us

At New Life Schools we run af sponsorship programme to help marginalized children. Currently we have 310 children in the programme. Out of these 310 children 14 of the children are without a sponsor, 11 in Secondary and 3 in our Primary School.


The sponsorship covers the education expenses of the sponsor child. The families are asked to contribute by covering the costs of meals and school uniform.


If you can join us and help with a monthly sponsorship or if you have any questions please fill in the information next to here.

New Life Schools depends on

3 sources of income

Support from sponsors from abroad:

Organizations, businesses and people who financially support the development of the school.

The Finnish Developing programme MKF is our partner...

Sponsorship programmes:

Where unfortunate children at the school receive sponsor help from abroad to pay the tuition fees.

Private paying children:

Children that come from families that are able to pay the tuition fees themselves and do not depend upon sponsors.


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