The Founders

New Life Outreach is a mission organization that has been started by Egon and Hannah Falk from Denmark who had been in the Nation of Tanzania since 1974.

The focus of New Life Outreach is to preach the gospel and to make a better tomorrow for the people in Tanzania. NLO do this through Evangelistic crusades, Bible College and Leadership development, Church planting, Water Projects, but also School for the magalized and Home for girls.


Ruben and Hanne Holmgreen Falk took initiative to start New Life Schools and are the Founders of the school. During the missions interaction with the local community the difficulties of the community became obvious to the mission. Because of that New Life Schools became a reality and is now owned and operated by New Life Outreach, as a Tanzania based interdenominational mission.


  • 2001 - Start of New Life Academy BabyClass.
  • 2004 - Start of New Life Primary.
  • 2007 - Start of Hayley`s House.
  • 2011 - The free Church Federation in Finland becomes a part of New Life Shcools.
  • 2011 - Start of New Life Secondary School.
  • 2012 - ApiAid, Denmark becomes an important partner of New Life Schools
  • 2016 - A-level is build.
  • 2017 - New Life Schools extends with a new Primary building.
  • 2018 - Start of a 4-year project period with MKF with focus on Special needs and inclusion, Health awareness and Boarding School.

Other activities at New Life Schools

"Mudu na Mungu" means "Time with God". Once a week the students are being taught in different levels and classes with a mixture of dance, singing, competitions and teaching about Gods endless love to each child.

Workshop for the Hayley´s House Girls is a weekly activity with devotion and handcraft to improve their skills and develope more creatitity and dexterity for the young girls.

Sport - Soccer is a huge part of New Life Schools with a lot of practice and local matches.

Cultural exchange

Cultural exchange is also to meet as students from all over the world.

We can learn from each other and have fun even though we don´t have the same language.

New Life Schools are happy to have visitors and You are welcome as well.

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