Help us to reach our goal

Who we are!

New Life Schools is founded by founders of New Life Outreach and consists of

New Life Academy pre & primary school,

New Life Olosiva Secondary School

and a Home for girls "Hayley`s House"


New Life Schools aims at raising the living standard and ensure quality education of the local people that live in Olosiva village outside Arusha, Tanzania.

New Life Academy

Pre and Primary School


Our pre-school is full of life and laughter because of the 180 young students from the age between 3-5 years old.

The same for our Primary School with 268 girls and 214 boys. We are blessed.

The School is among the best Primary Schools in Tanzania!

- Read more about how that is possible.

New Life Olosiva

Secondary School


In our Secondary School in all we have 170 students - 97 girls and 73 boys.

In 2016 our first Form 4 class graduated and completed very well.

We are proud of each student that everyday do their best and step by step come closer a future with hope and greater opportunities.

Hayley´s House

A home for girls


Today 25 girls from the age of 3-19 years old lives at our Orphanage "Hayley´s House". They all have a sad story behind them, but now they live peacefully and secure at the home where a house mom looks after their needs. They all attend New Life Schools and have a bright future ahead of them.

Sponsors needed!

At New Life Schools we run af sponsorship programme to help marginalized children. Help us to reach our goal of Eliminating poverty through education!

Currently we have 310 children in our sponsor programme.

Read more about how easy you can join our program and help a child to get a good education and future.

Our school provides food for over 840 students every school-day two times per day.

Thanks for your daily prayer for the school to keep up the good work.




We celebrate when we have graduation.

It is a big day and the students are excited and prepare march, dance, songs, drama ect. It is a joy to end exams all over the world and worth to celebrate.

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